COOLA is an eco-conscious suncare product range. The range has been developed using as many ingredients as possible that are natural, organic, sustainable and locally sourced, much like the foods we prefer to eat. Green, yet still luxurious, each of our high performance products protect and nourish the skin with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants, while remaining free of parabens, paba and phthalates.

This line of luxury sun products incorporate a Farm to Face sourcing philosophy, using the freshest and most natural ingredients whenever possible.

Additionally they formulate with Plant Protection, which allows them to achieve clinically tested, broad spectrum and antioxidant rich protection while using fewer traditional actives. Better for your skin, better for the environment. Today COOLA continues to pave the way in the suncare industry.


COOLA mineral sunscreens use mineral (physical) active ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc Oxide to scatter and reflect UVA/UVB rays. COOLA formulate their mineral sunscreens uniquely, providing not only the most transparent application but also the best protection, as the active particles evenly reflect UV rays.