Your journey to great skin

DMK Skin Revision promises expert advice and a unique experience that delivers phenomenal results

Through its unique combination of state-of-the-art botanical science and innovative technology, DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products designed to act like an ecosystem for the skin.

DMK formulations are botanical based & pharmaceutical grade because this ensures that their products contain enough of an ingredient to experience significant visible results. Pharmaceutical grade means less than 0.1% impurities in DMK formulations. Great skin doesn’t happen with one product or one treatment but if your consistent with your routine and realistic about your expectations DMK can really make a difference.

Enzyme Therapy:

Imagine looking down through the top of the skin, think of the inside of the skin like a factory, the product that factory produces is the skin you see on the surface. DMKs signature Enzyme Therapy treatments work to revise the skin to function like young healthy skin would.

DMK Enzyme Therapy restores skin to its peak condition, this treatment exercises facial muscles and works to leave the skin feeling firm and functioning optimally.

Over 50 years has been spent perfecting DMK’s signature Enzyme Therapy treatments, utilising the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. It encourages blood circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. while simultaneously, through reverse osmosis, helping to flush away toxins and free radicals to stimulate collagen production. Formulated to be the basis of all DMK Skin Revision treatments to enhance optimal skin function, Enzyme Therapy works to create long-lasting results. 

Experience the difference.

When you have a DMK treatment the DMK Skin Revision Technician here at NEO Skin Lab will talk to you about your main concerns, thoroughly assess your skin from a functional and structural perspective and tailor a bespoke treatment, combining various DMK formulations, followed by our signature Enzyme Therapy Masque. Not your ordinary facial, we make a difference by doing things differently.

Muscle Banding

This is an age management treatment that addresses symptoms of ageing. The DMK Muscle Banding program works to lift and tighten the skin and to resore optimal skin function, which is the key to firm, healthy skin.


This enzyme exfoliator infests old dead skin cells, specifically acting on pigmentation, sundamage, thickened and congested skin. The action of the enzymes retextures the skin, removes cellular debris and build up, leaving the skin softer, smoother, brighter, clearer and more responsive.

A-Lift (Aesthetic Lift) Skin fitness program

DMK A-Lift is a 12 week programme designed to revise the signs of ageing and improve the health of your skin. This treatment works by eliminating redundant skin cells and stimulating the underling structures of the skin, eliminating redundant skin cells and tightening facial muscles while also addressing redness and noticable capillaries. Performed weekly over a 12 week priod, the A-Lift delivers specific formulations that work transdermally on the skin’s functions to encourage optimum performance.

The Lunchtime Peel

Utilising a combination of AHA and BHA ingredients, the Lunchtime peel performs a controlled micro removal of dead cell build up leaving the skin looking instantly radiant an luminous in the same amount of time as a lunchbreak!