Introducing your solution for a bright, white, confident smile.

NeoDerma Medical’s Teeth Whitening Practitioner, Sheila is helping people smile with confidence. Whether you have a big job interview, wedding, school ball or event coming up - or you just want to put your best smile forward everyday - having shiny white teeth will restore your confiedence in letting the world see your beautiful smile.

The POLUS ADVANCED teeth whitening system is first with revolutionary new technology ULTRASONIC WHITENING for even whiter results in less time. Ultrasonic whitening technology renders ALL other systems ‘Old Technology’.

Now as well as the 5 time award winning ‘light bridge’ technology, Polus Advanced features revolutionary new ULTRASOUND whitening technology for faster, whiter teeth than ever before.

How ULTRASOUND Teeth Whitening Works…..

Ultrasound, uses high frequency sound waves inaudible to the ear to develp a gentle ultrasound vibration to help loosen staining for faster whiter results.

Independently voted as the WORLDS TOP WHITENING SYSTEM for 5 years in a row.

No uncomfortable tray, no invasive gum blocking. You can relax in our ‘comfy’ chair & chill out to soft music or you can bring your own tunes to listen to.

Only our professionally trained Specialist Teeth Whitening Practitioner, Sheila will care for you.

We ensure you are fully informed and comfortable from the moment you arrive. We explain everything prior to the procedure and you can ask any questions you have.

Changing your smile can do wonders for your self confidence.

Book a Consultation with our “Tooth Whitening Practitioner” Sheila today on 021 239 8069

Please note: If you have caps, crowns or implants that are visible when you smile, teeth whitening will not change their colour. Some people may need more than one full treatment to achieve the whiteness they desire, this is dependant on how much staining you have.