Have you ever wondered if the skin care products you are using are doing exactly what they say they will? At NeoDerma we are using the VISIA skin analysis technology which is a great way to find out.

Having a VISIA skin scan is a fantastic way to see your skin care results for yourself.

We all buy lots of skin care products, so wouldn’t it be great to know if all those products are working. At NeoDerma we love the products we use so much that we are very happy to put them to the test. Come and see for yourself.

The VISIA system allows us to better select a treatment programme and protection that is right for you based on this new in depth skin analysis that assesses damage levels. With a simple non invasive photographic image, VISIA will map your skin and provide a detailed report on wrinkles, spots, pores, eveness, presence of bacteria and UV spots.

We have regular eye and dental checks, but omit to get our skin checked out for potential issues. A lot of skin damage is reversible and we incorporate the VISIA 3D scanning to give a scientific approach to creating tailored skin care programmes.